Episode 12

It's Not A Ladder, It's A Jungle Gym - Putting In Work On Her Way To The Top - Reham Habib Interview

Published on: 17th March, 2021

Reham Habib has been a part of making brands like Nike, Jordan, and even 50 Cent's G-Unit, some of the most recognizable names on the planet. Her path to the top of the corporate world is "looks less like a ladder and more like a jungle gym," and that includes living in China for 4 years working for Jordan Brand.

Find out how she's managed to balance work with a healthy dose of travel, and how she thinks the perfect work schedule could look a lot different than tradition determines.

We also discuss some incredibly important topics like addressing the lack of diversity in leadership levels in the footwear industry, how fans and consumers can hold brands accountable, and how environmentally friendly choices are happening behind the scenes.


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